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Redefining the Quadrant:: Your Architecture is Our Focus

Redefining the Quadrant:

It's typical in many industries to assign clients in a quadrant based on the amount of money they spend. This approach, while practical from a business perspective, can create a lopsided relationship where the quality of services is directly proportional to financial inputs.

We consciously decided to break free from this trend. At our firm, we do not assign you a place in a quadrant based on the amount of money you have spent with us.. Instead, we're revolutionizing this system by focusing on a more critical and impactful aspect: your architecture.

Beyond Financials: Your Architecture is Our Priority:

Our aim is to understand the intricate details of your Enterprise Architecture and not just "IT architecture of your Enterprise". Our focus is not on how deep your pockets are, but on how robust, scalable, and future-proof your architecture is. We are here to dissect and understand the complex weave of your systems, processes, and strategy.

Our Rating System:

Our assessment and rating system is an honest reflection of this philosophy. After a thorough and unbiased review of your architecture, we provide you with a rating. This evaluation is comprehensive, taking into account the various facets of your architecture. The rating we provide isn't swayed by the volume of your business with us but is purely a testament to your architecture's quality, performance, and readiness for future challenges.

It is essential to note, a fast visual snapshot of the market and vendor positioning can only serve as a starting point . But Architecture rating provides more detailed and customizable insights enabling better decision making.

Our commitment is to deliver a truly objective and fair assessment, an evaluation that puts your architectural prowess at the forefront. We believe that this approach not only fosters a stronger, more transparent relationship with our clients but also sets a high standard within our industry, where the genuine value of services becomes the key focus. Your architecture, your innovation, and your vision are what truly matter to us. And that's how we believe it should be.

Traditionally, quadrant based was used by tool and Technology vendors for getting a market entry and positioning themselevs effectively. But, in the last couple of years, ICMG Rating has exended new service model resulting in changing trend.  In simple terms, while quadrant methods give a quick overview, the ICMG's Strategy & Architecture Rating offers depth and customization. It helps businesses make well-informed choices that align with their goals and tech needs.

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