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Fast Track Architecture Rating reports will reveal all. 

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Fast Track Rating provides a great opportunity for the teams and organizations to benchmark their Enterprise & Digital Architecture capability. 

Fast Track Rating report will help project team to address the issues than obfuscate the technical and business issues.

Fast Track Rating brings more transparency into the internal systems and enhances business opportunity


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Identify Mistakes and Gaps that Cause Failure

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Information Mining - Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Information


Rating Based On Use Cases- Just What You Needed

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Findings and Reports,
The Solution

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Step into Light with Corrections and Outcomes

discover the world of Six Perspectives & Six Variables

Enterprise Perspectives

In order to manage complexity, it's important to re-define it in terms of six stages of transformation outside your brain. 

There are six perspectives for every enterprise, business department, or a software system. These are strategy, processes, systems, technology, implementations, and operation.

Each perspective will be refined using six enterprise variables (function, rules, processes, network, data, time)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Top Chief Architects Listing?
    ICMG acknowledges Architects and IT Leaders for their contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise & IT Architecture skills and application of it. This award recognizes a professional's ability to use Architecture Principles & Practices to deliver solutions, ensuring efficiency, innovation, and measurable results.
  • Who can submit the nomination? Can I do it, or it should be done by an industry peer?"
    There are three ways of nomination. All the Chief Architects who have submitted for project/service/ solution categories automatically qualify for this award In case you have not nominated any project this year; still, you can nominate self for this award by downloading the nomination form Your peers can nominate you for excellence.
  • Is it compulsory to attend the Award function?
    The Award function is held in New York as part of the Architecture World Summit. Due to Pandemic, last two years i.e. 2021 and 2020, it's online event.
  • Can I attend the Architecture World Summit?
    Yes, you can register for the summit and avail a discount of 20%. Please use the code "toparchitects" You can purchase four days VIP Conference Pass or One Day Conference Pass
  • How do I attend Award Function?
    You need to register for the Award Function. MEA REGION: MARRIOTT DOWNTOWN ABU DHABI GLOBAL AWARD : COURTYARD NEW YORK MANHATTAN/ CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK The fee for the Award Function is $499
  • What do I receive as a Winner?
    This is a global listing of professionals who use Architecture Practices to deliver solutions, ensuring efficiency, innovation, and measurable results. Winners are invited to attend the Award Function in New York. All the winners will be listed in the site, and A signed certificate (pdf) with unique id will be shared.
  • Can you courier the certificate to my address?
    The hardcopy of the certificate can be couriered to your address for a fee of $65
  • Is it an Annual listing?
    Yes, this list will be updated every year.
  • What is expected of me?
    You need to fill the Nomination Form. Please fill out this form, and our team will contact you shortly
  • Where do I get the nomination form?
    Please fill out this form, and our team will contact you shortly


RATING service

It provides a confidential architecture rating and assessment for a project /solution to fulfill intended business objectives. 

The rating is based on project use cases / scenarios related to business goals, business process, system capability, technology maturity, implementation effectiveness and operational excellence. 



Case Studies

Financial Services

Energy, Utility






Airlines & Airports

Retail, FMCG



Govt & Public Sector

IT Product & Services

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