Evaluation Process

Four rounds of evaluation including video interaction with the jury, case study presentation at the summit, makes it most transparent and reliable process


Three groups of awards

Global Excellence



Global Architecture Rating & Excellence Awards 




Regional Architecture Rating &

Excellence Awards 




Regional Architecture Rating & 

Achievement Awards 


Global Excellence

Regional Excellence



Evaluation rounds are different for each group of Awards.

Screening of nominations


Screening of nominations in terms of project completion status, the category selected,  evaluation using 10 key criteria based on documents (models) submitted





Evaluation using 10 key criteria


Evaluation of nominations (project documents) using next10 key criteria

Each nomination is evaluated by 3-4 jury members





 Reginal Final Round

This round is the Regional Final Round evaluation which is based on video interaction with project team head and the jury members (one or more)





Global Final Round

The Global Final Round of evaluation is based on the case study presentation at the Architecture World Summit, Online





Frequently asked questions

What are the different groups of awards?

The ICMG Architecture Ratings and Excellence program is classified into three groups of awards namely 1.Excellence Awards (Global), 2.Excellence Awards (Regional) and 3.Achievement Awards (Regional). While making submission, please select the appropriate award classification

What's difference between Achievement Awards & Excellence Awards?

Achievement Awards (Regional) are meant for encouragement of businesses and project teams that are getting started with Architecture. It has only two rounds of evaluation unlike Excellence (Regional) which has four rounds of evaluation and Excellence (Global) with five rounds of evaluation.

How to get MS Word format of Nomination Form ?

When you are ready to submit, please ask for an account in My Architecture Portal. The Microsoft Word format of Nomination Form will be uploaded in your account.

How do I upload the filled Nomination Form?

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.The filled form must be uploaded to the My Architecture Portal. Please reach out to your ICMG Account Manager and he/she will organize login/password to access My Architecture Portal.

Why are you asking us to take management approval?

Please note that ICMG Ratings & Award program is one of the most trusted architecture ratings program in the world. It's important that you are able to submit enough information (details) and sample models related to your submission. Please note that our evaluation is based on the info submitted. Instead of losing at a critical stage in the evaluation, it's important that you have all the prior approvals.

What kind of project or solution can be submitted for consideration for the Award?

All the Project and Solutions are good candidate. Some of these Projects may be about how technology is helping to take Business Strategy forward towards Implementation. Examples include using technology to boost Efficiency, Automate processes, Create new products and services, or improve the customer experience, Predicting Customer Churn, Processing of Online Reviews etc., If we look at Industry by Industry, we can see some examples as below: Healthcare: Help Diagnose patients more accurately and speedily than medical experts, allowing doctors to treat their patients before their condition worsens. Travel and Tourism: Using technology to help human guards at airports enhances passenger safety, reduces security risks and decreases their current workload to focus on truly suspicious suspects, providing another layer of defence against threats. Hospitality: Facial recognition system that puts customers in an intelligently virtual queue, helping the bartenders ensure that they serve drinks on a first come first serve basis. The greatest potential values of technology are both in top-line-oriented functions, such as Marketing and Sales, and in bottom- line-oriented Operational functions, including Supply-chain management and Manufacturing.

Is there any fee for participation?

ICMG Enterprise & Digital Architecture Ratings and Awards programs recognize excellence in Enterprise as well as individual leadership. We have three groups of awards
1.Architecture Ratings and EXCELLENCE Awards(GLOBAL) - aimed at growing business that want more customers and architecture driven business differentiation.
-Best fit for global recognition 2.Architecture Ratings and EXCELLENCE Awards(REGIONAL)-designed for organisations who need external review of architecture and suggestions for improvements.
-Recognition within a region (country) 3.Architecture Ratings and ACHIEVEMENT Awards(Regional)-Encouragement and motivation awards for businesses and projects teams.
-Recognition within a region (country) For details about each award classification and feature, evaluation rounds and fee for each Award classification, please visit the link
https://www.architecturerating.com/compare-fee Note: Please note that there is no fee for Architecture ACHIEVEMENT Awards (Regional)

What are Architecture Variables and Various Associated Models
What is the scope of architecture assessment
In this video, Mr. Krish Ayyar, Director of Ratings & Awards Program clarified the questions in the Nomination form and expectations.