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High degree of enterprise results using Enterprise Architecture Principles


High degree of enterprise results using Enterprise Architecture Principles

Global Chief Strategists

ICMG is happy to create a new award category, i.e., "Global Chief Strategists" to recognize their contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise Architecture. This award acknowledges Chief Strategist's ability to use enterprise architecture principles in formulating business strategy and executing the strategy to ensure short-term gain as well as midterm value.

The annual listing will be created from the Top 25 Regional Chief Strategists list. This year, it will cover 14 countries.

Furthermore, their efforts supplement the adoption of Enterprise Architecture as an emerging discipline. 

ICMG Architecture Awards of Excellence are given to companies who have successfully used architecture in achieving their business goals. There are multiple award categories for which nominations are invited every year.


Strategy Leadership

This recognition is first of its kind, as it evaluates Chief Strategist based on their leadership to "projects" or " initiatives" with a high degree of business influence and measurable results using Enterprise Architecture.

Business Women Planning


It's interesting to note how these Global Strategy Officers are shifting to "Architecture centric" decision-making process to guarantee sustainable business value.


Execution Ownership

These Global Strategy Officers are a true representation of the enterprise architecture way of thinking

Key Parameters for Evaluation

Use of six stage transformation in realizing one or more of the follwing parameters

1.Measurable Results

Ability to meet the business goal and stakeholder expectations

3.Ground Breaking Projects

M & A, Growing Business in New Territory, New Service Offering etc.,

2.Decision Making

Leadership in decision making (new thinking, the action plan, etc.)


Industry Leading Solutions, Customer Oriented Business Models, Supply Chain & Logistics, 

5.State of the Art (Technology adoption)

IoT Enabled Solution, Future IT (Emerging Technologies), Cloud Technologies and Solutions, SoA Vision for Enterprise Services, 

6.Change Agent 

Business Strategy to Execution, Business Architecture, Business Transformation, Digital Architecture, Enterprise Architecture

Nomination Process







All the Chief Strategy Officers who have submitted for project / service/solution categories automatically qualify for this award

In case you have not nominated any project this year, still you can nominate self  for this award by downloading the nomination form

You can be nominated by your peers in the industry or by your customers for the excellence.

Commemorate Your Accomplishment.

Global Digital Strategist Winner's Mug

CDS 2021.PNG

Coffee Mug Personalized with the Winner's Name


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Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Rating and Awards 2024- Middle East
Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Rating and Awards 2024- Middle East
Sep 24, 2024, 9:00 AM GMT+4
In the world of enterprise strategy and architecture, the ICMG Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Awards stand as a beacon of excellence, recognizing the strategic and architectural innovations that drive industries forward.

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