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Top Chief Architects in 2021

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High degree of business and technical influence and measurable results using Enterprise & IT Architecture

Top Global Chief Architects

ICMG is happy to create a new award category, i.e., "Top Global Chief Architects" to recognize their contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise & IT Architecture. 

This award also acknowledges Chief Architect's ability to use architecture practice to prepare organizations for rapid change, support growth initiatives and influence capabilities that serve as "business differentiator." 

The annual listing will be created from the Top 25 Regional Chief Architect list.

Furthermore, their efforts supplement the adoption of Enterprise and IT Architecture as an emerging discipline. ICMG Architecture Awards of Excellence are given to companies who have successfully used architecture in achieving their business goals. There are multiple award categories for which nominations are invited every year.


Top Global Chief Architects 2020
Meet The Winners

Johan van Amersfoort.jpg
Abhishek Sakhuja.jpg
Gert Helsen.jpg

Johan van Amersfoort

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ITQ Consultancy, The Netherlands

Abhishek Sakhuja

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everis, Belgium

Gert Helsen

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Capgemini, Belgium

Top Global Chief Architects 2019
Meet The Winners

ICMG Awards Ceremony 2019-57.jpg
ICMG Awards Ceremony 2019-66.jpg
ICMG Awards Ceremony 2019-71.jpg

Jan Van Zoest

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Royal Philips, Netherlands

Lawrence Fong

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Cathay Pacific Airways.Hong Kong

Gleb Geguine

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Canadian National, Canada

Top Global Chief Architects 2018
Meet The Winners


Huw Morgan

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Economical Mutual Insurance Company, Canada


Andreas Nold

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