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Classification - Architecture Ratings & Awards Program

Award classification, features and fee structure

Two Groups of Awards


Global Excellence



Global Architecture Rating & Excellence Awards 




Regional Architecture Rating &

Excellence Awards 


Global Excellence

Regional Excellence


Rating & Award Fee

Note: Please note that cost of the courier of certificates/trophies are borne by the winning organization
*: If onsite evaluations are not possible for some unforeseen reason, The event and activities will be conducted online.

Evaluation Rounds

Evaluation Round (2).png

Rating Reports

Rating Report.png

Enterprise Recognition

Enterprise Recogition.png

Note: Finalists and Participants will have to bear the registration fee, cost of travel and boarding to attend the Regional and Global Architecture World Summits and the award function.

Individual Leadership Recognition

Indivisual Leaders.png

Things to note

Government Agencies

For Government departments and agencies, only one nomination is exempted from the entry fee.


If a project is submitted for more than one award category, then the entry fee to be paid for the same @ USD 295 per nomination

Government Agencies applying for the Ratings & Awards program should complete the payment process and share the invoice number in their My Architecture portal.

Calculation of Nomination Fee


Please note that this fee is payable per project, per category submitted for evaluation

  • If a company is submitting one project for one category, the fee is payable for one nomination. 

  • If a company is submitting a single project for 4 categories, the fee is payable for 4 nominations

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