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Why Internal Architecture Rating Didn’t Truly Reflect What Was Happening - 10 Reasons

That's very intriguing. Because you're about to hear that the real goal of architecture rating is to gain insight into both the project and system life cycles. It also extends beyond what is happening within the project, such as project completion in the first six months or a year. In one of the Financial Institution, project director of the Digital Project (AI, Block-chain based solution) asked the team to assess/audit the project to see technology alignment with business goals, An internal rating done and the score was 87%. But, when our team did the fast-track architecture rating, the rating value was 40%. This rating was useful for the project head to measure the readiness of the new solution to address three intended business goals. Our rating delivered a confidential score of architecture and evaluation for the project / solution to meet the expected business goals. ​The rating is based on project use cases/scenarios related to business goals, business processes, system capability, technology maturity, implementation effectiveness, and operational excellence.

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