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The 2020 Competition for Incredible Business & Digital Architecture Awards Open for Nomintion

As you are aware, the ICMG Ratings & Award competition provides businesses worldwide with a neutral, peer-driven appraisal opportunity to highlight ventures & strategies to step out of stagnation with enhanced digital products and boost brand loyalty by reinventing as a digital business.

And there is a growing interest in being part of this global competition in its 14th year. The multiple award categories, impeccable jury and, above all, the help of ICMG management to keep it free of sponsorship are remarkable in many ways. Our aim is to promote the discipline of "architecture" and enable companies to succeed, produce better products and services and, in turn , increase the longevity of  Last year, in New York, Nov 2019, nearly 40 projects that brought in significant change and expanded growth potential went home with Global Awards for Architecture Excellence in the midst of much fanfare.

We have been constantly improving the assessment process. November 2018, at the Architecture World Summit, we implemented the onsite evaluation that contributed 25 percent to the overall rating scores. This shift in format was respected by one and all as it generated much-needed interactions with the jury and other aspirants of the Ratings & Award program amongst project participants.

This award program is not an event funded by a vendor or the media.

ICMG Ratings & Award Program is not a marketing tool, but an incentive for project & enterprise validation to check if the project and enterprise activities are in line with the global benchmark set by Mr. John Zachman, founder of the discipline of Enterprise Architecture. You see, it's an important thing. Imagine if you had a Sir Issac Newton Award saying, yes, you really did implement the concepts very well or you did fine, how about making some improvements ... It's the way.

That means that we not only review the proposals, but also assist you in the process of enhancing the architecture and project deliverables. Of course, as our senior advisors have worked very closely with Mr. John Zachman and his team, you can count on us.

Why is there a fee for submission and assessment?

Unlike some of the industry award programs hosted and funded by vendor / s partners, this initiative results in free travel / stay and presentations by vendors.

By design, we have maintained this program irrespective of the funding of the supplier. This adds little cost to our clients, but every year it brings value worth thousands of dollars to each project, an enduring value.

We are also constantly enhancing our assessment processes with the incorporation of onsite review and video experiences. The fees would go towards the expense of handling further personnel and operational support for these multi-country, multi-time zone settings.

Bearing in mind the advantages that would accrue from becoming finalists and award winners, we assume this is only a nominal fee that would represent the participating organizations' firm commitment.

So, if you or your colleagues have recently completed a project or initiative to enhance the supply chain, efficient production of components or new service assembly, etc., which has made a noticeable difference to your business in terms of service offerings, brand loyalty or consumer delight, etc., we are pleased to invite your nomination for the Ratings & Award program this year.

Once again, thank you to those who helped spread the word and got the team and businesses involved.

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