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One Page Enterprise Strategy Execution Model for CEO - Breakthrough

After all, ideas are the source of all things, according to Socrates." Unfortunately, putting it into action is tough.

After deconstructing hundreds of strategy frameworks over the course of the previous 25 years, we are pleased to announce the One Page Enterprise Strategy Execution Model, which is built around the enterprise elements as the building blocks of an enterprise.

One Page Strategy Execution Model consists of six interconnected models of models, namely Enterprise Anatomy. There are four categories of models, which are essentially mental models (from the point of view of the CEO) and while the other two categories of models are from the real world, which means, where actual work and activities are required, are included in this model.

A simplified version of the Zachman Framework was used to build this one-page strategy execution model by our consultants.

Define the goals and strategies, as well as the relationships between them. Determine which processes will be necessary to support these strategies. If there are any dependencies between processes that span different function units, they should also be specified. Identify the systems that will be required to automate the aforementioned procedures. Define the interdependencies between the systems as well. Components needed to support the system must be identified, and specifications for each must be supplied. Define the interrelationships between the components as well. Using the tools, configure and implement components. Examine the results as well as the key performance metrics (KPIs).

Here are the six types of enterprise elements that must be defined in order to develop strategy and execution activities.

In order to build this one-page strategy execution model, our consulting team has refined and simplified the application of principles from the Zachman Framework.

Example - One Page Strategy Execution Model

Here is a sample One Page Strategy Execution Model. Six interrelated models of models make up the One Page Strategy Execution Model.

One Page Enterprise Strategy Execution Model

One Page Strategy Execution Model

Key Benefts of One Page Strategy Execution Model

  1. Strategy execution on a Single Page

  2. Keeps track of the strategy

  3. Great tool to learn about enterprise strategy execution

  4. Fnd the gaps in strategy execution

  5. Innovative integrationof mental models (from the CEO's perspective), and real-world models (where actual labour and activities are necessary).

If you need input or insight to create or refine your Enterprise strategies or if you would need us to review one or more of Enterprise Functions like Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Product Strategy, Partnership Strategy, Delivery & Support Strategy, Digital Strategy, HR Strategy, IT Strategy, Operations & Logistics Strategy etc.

If you want to get head, get a one page Enterprise Strategy Execution Model for your Digital Marketing Strategy, Product Pricing Strategy, Customer Engagement Strategy etc.

Try One Page Enterprise Strategy Execution Model you'll like it.

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