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"Digital Transformation thru EU IT Reference Architecture" by Deutsche Telekom wins 4 Awards in 2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Prior to 2017, Deutsche Telekom’s approach to IT and digital capabilities in the European segment was de-centralized and fragmented. Penetration of digital transactions was low, and there was insufficient investment in the platforms and technologies required to address this. It quickly became apparent that to efficiently drive the needed step change, a more unified approach was required- one that leveraged the scale of the group, addressed the shortage of the necessary skills required for this transformation, and most critically, built upon the insight that, for digital platforms at least, it can often be simpler to harmonise requirements, and then solve something once and then deploy it to many.

Hence, “EIRA” was born, Europe-wide framework that articulates how to transform our legacy IT architecture into the digital world and what capabilities we need to make that transition​. The objective of EU IT Reference Architecture (EIRA) is to provide a detailed view on transformation to digital enterprise, including business capabilities, enabling digital platform services, transforming legacy applications, delivering new operating model and transition architecture approach​.

Project Goals & Strategy

Deutsche Telekom's Program Objectives were to Digitalise customer interactions, Drive Product (mobile/fixed/broadband/TV) convergence, Simplify Operation and Cost Optimisation through a Mobile First Approach, Omni Channel Enablement, Real Time access to Data and Intelligent Interactions.

Process Architecture

Business process Models were created by Deutsche Telekom for Sales, Marketing, Services Delivery, Billing, Customer Service Assurance, Customer Engagement, Product Lifecycle Management in support of the above strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture was developed to support the above Business Processes by creating system functions for Billing, CRM, Order Management, Product Catalogue, Credit Management, Ticketing etc.,

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture was created enabling the System Architecture for components such as API's for Billing, Profile, Communication, Login & Consent, Order Status, Payment, Pre-paid Balance, Sales & Retention, Self Care Activation, Trouble Ticket, Usage, Document, Inventory, Catalogue, Real Time Analytics, Cloud BFF, Chat Bot, Data Lake, Decision Engine, IDM, Shopping Cart, Fault Diagnosis, Instrumentation etc.,

Implementation Model

Implementation of the Technical Architecture was achieved through products including One App (Mobile), One Shop (E-Commerce), One TV (Omni Channel), One SFA (Tech Readiness), F2R (Quantify Opportunities), HGW, DCS (Digital Cloud Services), One Broadband (Router Mgt), One Mind (central Data Lake), Sales Force, SIEBEL and Oracle.

Operational Models

Flexible delivery of new digital products & services both centrally & locally to NATCO's

Customer Usage of Self-Serve Applications improved from 27% to 62%

Customers make payments exceeding 78 Mn Euros each month (with more than 1.6Bn Euros in collections since launch).

NPS of App customers is 20% higher than the non-app base.

More than 20% (and up to 60% in some Natcos) of tariff changes are performed thru Self Service - a task that a customer can complete in 3 clicks.

Deutsche Telekom's "Digital Transformation enabled by EU IT Reference Architecture ( EIRA)" won Global Excellence Awards in the Digital Strategy To Execution, Best Digital Architecture in Telecommunication, Digital Architecture Methodology, Enterprise Architecture Categories.

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