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"Pragmatic EA to drive Pension industry Digital Transformation" by GPSSA (UAE) wins 7 awards in 2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Mid 2017, GPSSA’s senior management worked to define strategy for next +10 years. Multiple influencing factors such as the economic situation in UAE and globally, high demand in social and wellbeing agendas, are influencing the Pension Funds demanding having stronger and reliable pension capabilities, that could adopt and adapt easily to future business contingent scenarios

In 2018, the overall strategy is approved by the board “to become a world class innovative and customer-centric pension service provider” for the next+10 years. GPSSA established 5 Digital Transformational pillars:

· Customer-Centric

· Championing National Agenda

· Financial Sustainability

· State-of-the-Art-Technology

· Data Driven

After viability assessment, team proposed 4Yrs Digital Transformation program to GPSSA board, adopting an end-to-end Greenfield implementation instead of re-engineering current capabilities with brand new services, new CX and developing a brand new Pension Platform together with a new structural & competence organizational Digital Target Operating Model(DTOM).

The DCOE core operation was firstly stablished enabling the Enterprise Architecture(EA) practice, with the following objectives:

· Advocate the key role of digital as a driver for customer excellence and organizational effectiveness

· Build the core digital capabilities to shift GPSSA from current state to become a digital pioneer

· Enable the right tools and technologies to be used across the organization in collaboration with IT

· Sustain the digital mind-set and environment to become business as usual at GPSSA

· Promote the dialogue among GPSSA internal and external stakeholders about the transformation aspects of digital technologies

Project Goals & Strategy

GPSSA's Program Objectives were focused on Improving Customer Experience, Reducing Operating Cost and Revenue Leakage, Flexible and modern tech platforms that enables innovation, Resilience and security with high availability, Contributing to ease of doing business and Contributing to national technology/ innovation initiatives.

Process Architecture

Business process Architecture was created by GPSSA for Pension Operations, Pension Payments, Pension Process & Performance Excellence, Customer Experience, New Business Sector, Investments, Treasury, Digital Strategy & Governance, Design Studio, Digital Factory, Finance, HR, Administration and Procurement in support of the above strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture was developed to support the above Business Processes by creating system functions for Employer Contributions, Claims Administration, CRM, Product Strategy, Budgeting, Data Analytics, External Integration with UAE's Systems, Digital Payment Channel.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture was created enabling the System Architecture for Employer Portal, Member Portal, Admin Portal, Mobile APP, Self Service, Tools & Calculators, Services Request, Termination, Disbursement, Contributions, Awareness, De-Registrations, Inspections and Integration Gateway architectural components.

Implementation Model

Implementation of the Technical Architecture was achieved through SIEBEL, Oracle Forms, Pension Administration Platform (PAP), Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, VMware, Docker, Kubernetes Products.

Operational Architecture

Citizen Centricity improved with improvements in Digitally Enabled Services, Self Service, Customer Satisfaction. Financial Optimisation was realised through Reduction in OPEX, Automated & Paperless Processes, Improvement in Collections, Disbursements, Debt/Penalty.

GPSSA's "Pragmatic EA to drive a holistic Pension industry modernization and Digital Transformation" won Global Excellence Awards in the Customer Centricity & Excellence, Best Digital Architecture in Federal/State Govt., Digital Transformation, Digital Architecture, Digital Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology, Cloud Technologies & Solutions Categories.

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