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Identity Management and Access Governance from Abu Dhabi Judicial Department wins two awards in 2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

ADJD is a multi-domain organization composed of prosecution, courts and Judicial support striving to deliver effective judicial services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It has embarked on a digital IT journey to enhance employee experience and customer experience, Deliver rich experiences for internal users as well as external users, Intelligent Process Digitization, End-To-End Task Automation and Governance are pillars of ADJD Digital Architecture to deliver digital services. A combination of technologies is used to enable cognitive tasks as well as automate complex business processes.

As part of overall modernization initiative and digitization initiatives in line with its drive for Enterprise Excellence, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) embarked on an ambitious enterprise architecture program at the start of 2009. The aim of the program is to propel the IT department towards its vision of becoming "a recognized leader in technological innovations for an accessible and transparent justice system that maintains a high degree of public trust and confidence."

The ADJD Enterprise Architecture (EA) is proactive and provides Digital Transformation services for employee experience as well as customer experience, by defining blueprints for current and future states of ADJD. During pandemic period ADJD EA team was instrumental to deliver needs of digital workforce for Intelligent Identity Automation and Access governance using IBM Identity Management (IBM ISIM), IBM Identity Governance & Intelligence (IBM IGI), Open Source Task Automation (Python + Selenium) and Python Role mining.

In multi domain organization, employee Identity management, and Access governance is a complex activity which impacts the entire organization. The activities are process intensive, data driven and decision oriented. Processes such as employee identity provisioning, password management, role management and access governance involves multiple cognitive actions as well as they are repetitive. On the other hand, employee access governance involves analyzing data from multiple data points and taking appropriate actions. Above all the identity management complexities are multiplied in multi organization enterprise.

Project Goals & Strategy

ADJD's Project Objectives were to Simplify Identity Management, improve user experience, improve security compliance and reduce resource requirements with centralised Role Management, Access Review, Segregation of Duties, Analysis of Outlier Activities etc.,

Process Architecture

Business process Models were created by ADJD for Attorney Office, ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution), Courts, Enforcement, Partners, Facilities & Maintenance, HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, Media, Judicial Council, Judicial Inspection and Forensics, Judicial Support Services, Judicial Academy, Judicial Research & Studies, Judicial Inspection and Internal Audit in support of the above strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture was developed to support the Business Processes as above by creating system functions for Centrally manage and provision users, Single Password, Users De-provisioning, Centralized User Access Request management, Decision support for Cognitive User Actions Automation, Entitlement optimization, Access Governance , Centralized Reporting, UI Browser Bots.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture was created enabling the System Architecture for Identity Management - Self Service, provisioning, Identity Admin, Privileged Access Mgt - Password less experience, SSO, Policy Mgt., Identity Governance - Dashboard & Analytics, segregation of duties, Access Certifications architectural components.

Implementation Model

Implementation of the Technical Architecture was achieved when IBM's IDAM was integrated with Oracle HRMS, Active Directory, SIEBEL JSS, Windows File System, SIEBEL PPS, SIEBEL CMS, Amanat, E-Khidma and Sharepoint. BOTS were created for automating Browser access.

Operational Architecture

Number of Requests Resolved Automatically since Jan 2021 rose to 90500 with savings of 22000 working hours, Number request involving decision support reduced to 1900 with a time saving of 1000 working hours, Number of Accounts audited for Compliance Audit were 2300, 70% of unncecessary Privileges were revoked, SoD violation identified were 400.

ADJD's "Identity Management and Access Governance powered by Intelligent Process Automation and Bots" won Global Excellence Awards in the Digital IT - Robotics Enabled Solution and Enterprise IT - IT Security Categories.

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