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Global Chief Digital Strategists 2020

A global list to recognize the contribution to the growth of their organization using Enterprise Architecture.


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Yousef Alhawas.jpg

Yousif A. Alhawas

Saudi Telecom Company

Salih AlSubai.jpg

Salih  Alsubai

Saudi Telecom Company



Ashok Lealand

Heading 1


Felipe lzquierdo chadwick

SKY Airline, Chile

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Kash Mahmood


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Luca Ceriani.jpg

Luca Ceriani

Alperia S.p.A, Italy

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Venancio Pereira Velloso Neto

Genial Investimentos, Brazil

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Avijit Dasgupta

CompuLynx Limited, Kenya

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Marco Mazzucco.jpg


Marco Mazzucco

Davines, Italy

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Global Digital Strategist Winner's Mug

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Strategy Leadership

This recognition is first of its kind, as it evaluates Chief Strategist based on their leadership to "projects" or " initiatives" with a high degree of business influence and measurable results using Enterprise Architecture.

Business Women Planning


It's interesting to note how these Global Strategy Officers are shifting to "Architecture centric" decision-making process to guarantee sustainable business value.


Execution Ownership

These Global Strategy Officers are a true representation of the enterprise architecture way of thinking

why global.png

Why Global chief Digital Strategists Award 

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