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Improving Customer Engagement using Enterprise Architecture - A NBFC Case Study

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Improving Customer Engagement using Enterprise Architecture - A NBFC Case Study


NBFC's or "Non-Banking Finance Companies" face many challenges. NBFC's often compete heavily with each other in a crowded market. One of the biggest challenge is to  improve customer engagement,


In terms of Technology also, NBFC's face multiple challenges such as:

· Customer Data is presented through multiple channels such as Email, Whatsapp Messages, scanned documents etc., System for processing Customer information need to collate this information in a consistent way.

· Where AI and Cognitive Technologies are used underlying Systems need to have an excellent Response Time.

· Systems need to integrate internally and externally in a seamless manner

· Faster Time-To-Market for Applications changes

· High Availability of Infrastructure components

· Improved Network Performance

· On-Demand Provisioning

· Better Application Integration


The Traditional Approach

The traditional approach of tackling these problems entails deploying an IT solution after extensive analysis, discussion, and document creation.

However, the marketplace is always evolving and growing more complex by the day. The next iteration of the implementation solution is created from scratch, which is time consuming. Repeated modifications in a same manner imply that the NBFC is unable to respond to changing market circumstances.


How can we overcome this with Enterprise Architecture?

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Enterprise Architecture, along with Enterprise Anatomy modeling, will assist you in addressing these issues year after year in a far more effective manner.

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