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Tutorials (Parallel Sessions)

29 Nov 2.00 pm to 4.45 pm


John Zachman

The One Month Enterprise Architecture - Realising the Impossible through Enterprise Anatomy

In this Keynote, Krish will take us through a week by week approach to solving Business Problems using Enterprise Anatomy - a new concept. Key Takeaways are - Better understanding of what is Enterprise Architecture and how to apply it in your organisations to improve Business Agility.

krish sir.jpg

Krish Ayyar

Enterprise Ontology - What is it? How to Use it?

The Zachman Framework™ is the basis for Architecture - We know what architecture is for industrial products (buildings, airplanes, locomotives, computers, etc., etc.) because in the Industrial Age, it was the industrial products that were increasing in complexity and the industrial products that were changing. If we had not gotten extremely sophisticated relative to architecture for industrial products, we would not likely be able to create and change complex industrial products and we would likely still be in the

Ralph sir.png

Ralph Whittle

applying Enterprise Ontology for Value Stream, Business Architecture

1. Introduction and Objectives
2. Departmental Scope
3. Cross-functional or Value Stream Scope
4. Enterprise Scope (getting to the Assemble to Order idea than Zachman frequently discusses)

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