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Architecture Excellence

Inter-connectd Enterprise Models

Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in new technologies, re-imagined business processes, innovative business models, tighter regulations, heightened customer preferences etc., etc. within the Enterprise.

This has resulted in a need to properly Architect Business and Technology Solutions both at the Enterprise and Solution level. Although many have realized this, very few Enterprise Architecture Programs can be thought of as “Excellent”.

At ICMG, our vision is to recognize and reward digital Architecture Excellence for the good of the Enterprise.

Modeling contributes significantly towards this and within ICMG we call this approach
“Inter-Connected Models for the Good of the Enterprise”.  

The Best Digital & Enterprise Architecture In The World 2019 -
Global winners Announced

For the last 14 years, the ICMG Architecture Awards are the most prestigious global award honoring excellence in the Enterprise and IT Architecture.

The hardest thing in the world is to understand Architecture of an Enterprise.

Enterprise Architects worldwide are realizing that a complexity of Technical Design is not the measure of Architecture Excellence.


Consequently, Enterprise Architecture Programs that emphasize demonstration of Business Strategies being realized at the Operational level are celebrated as achieving Architecture Excellence.

This program is in its 15th year and has served the winners as an excellent vehicle for highlighting achievements at a global level.

There are hundreds of Enterprises worldwide that have proudly showcased their ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards.



Indusry wide


Unparalleled Community


In 2020, the Awards Program at Multiple Regions


Architecture  Excellence Awards 


Architecture ​Excellence Awards


Architecture Excellence Award

Asia Pacific

Architecture Excellence Awards 


 ​Digital Architecture Excellence Awards 

Middle East

Architecture Excellence Awards 

I appreciate the awards. The acknowledgement of good work in the global enterprise domain and architecture work being done is significant. High quality and very practical.

John Zachman

Award Categories

Currently, awards are organized into four major categories. 



Business Strategy

Industry Verticals



Technology Awards


Enterprise Awards


There are 6 awards under Business Category. These are Acquisition and Mergers, Growing Business in New Territory or New Service Offering, Customer Oriented Business Models, Business Process Management and Business Architecture.

There are 30 awards in this category. Awards are given for the Best Enterprise & Digital Architecture in Telecom, BFSI, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Electronics, Energy & Utility, Transport, Mining, Jewelery, Sports, Education,  and Retail

There are 16 awards that include SOA Vision for Enterprise Services, Best Software Architecture in IT Products, Cloud Technologies, Future IT (Emerging technologies), IT Infrastructure (datacenters, network, security), IT Service Management

There are 9 awards in this category. These are given in the area of Architecture excellence in Transformation and Planning, IT Landscape Rationalization, Business Intelligence and Analytics,  Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology and Enterprise Architecture


Who can participate?

Small Businesses, Large Enterprises Across Industries, Government Departments, Product Vendors, Independent Consultants...

All are welcome..


The Awards Program is open to all Enterprises large or small. Companies nominate their recently completed Projects or Programs in a Nomination Document

Why Participate?

This program is in its 14th year and has served the winners as an excellent vehicle for highlighting achievements at a global level.

There are hundreds of Enterprises worldwide that have proudly showcased their ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards.

Industry Recognization

It provides a platform to showcase grit and guts, perseverance to continue and do more beyond tiresome and long monotonous hours of work, and share with the community about the results, success, and their accomplishments. 

ICMG Architecture Award competition provides a neutral, peer level, jury driven assessment and rating that provides unparalleled opportunity to market your service / product

Visibility and Credibility 



ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards competition provides a great opportunity for the teams and organizations to benchmark their Enterprise & IT Architecture capability.


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