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Inter-connected Anatomy Models of Systems and Enterprise

For the last 15 years, the ICMG Architecture Awards are the most prestigious global award honoring excellence in the Enterprise and IT Architecture.

Excellence in Architecture

Recent years have seen exponential development in emerging technology, reimagined market systems, creative business models, stricter controls, heightened consumer demands, and so on.

As a result, proper business and technology architecture is needed at both the enterprise and solution levels. Despite the fact that many people have understood this, relatively few Enterprise Architecture Programs are considered “Excellent.”

We have a goal to promote creative and responsible Digital Architecture in the corporate world by encouraging innovation and enterprise.

Architecture plays an important role in this, and at ICMG, we call this strategy "Inter-Connected Anatomy Models for the Good of the Enterprise."


The hardest thing in the world is to understand Architecture of an Enterprise.

Enterprise Architects worldwide are realizing that a complexity of Technical Design is not the measure of Architecture Excellence.


Consequently, Enterprise Architecture Programs that emphasize demonstration of Business Strategies being realized at the Operational level are celebrated as achieving Architecture Excellence.

This program is in its 15th year and has served the winners as an excellent vehicle for highlighting achievements at a global level.

There are hundreds of Enterprises worldwide that have proudly showcased their ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards.





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Unparalleled Community


I appreciate the awards. The acknowledgement of good work in the global enterprise domain and architecture work being done is significant. High quality and very practical.

John Zachman

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