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Why Brand Identity-Shielded Architecture Reviews

For the last 17 years, the ICMG Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Awards are the most prestigious global award honoring excellence in the Enterprise and IT Architecture.





Industry wide



Unparalleled Community


Recent years have seen exponential development in emerging technology, reimagined market systems, creative business models, stricter controls, heightened consumer demands, and so on.

As a result, proper business and technology architecture is needed at both the enterprise and solution levels. Despite the fact that many people have understood this, relatively few Enterprise Architecture Programs are considered “Excellent.”

We have a goal to promote creative and responsible Digital Architecture in the corporate world by encouraging innovation and enterprise.

Architecture plays an important role in this, and at ICMG, we call this strategy "Inter-Connected Anatomy Models for the Good of the Enterprise."


Excellence in Architecture


The hardest thing in the world is to understand Architecture of an Enterprise.

Enterprise Architects worldwide are realizing that a complexity of Technical Design is not the measure of Architecture Excellence.


Consequently, Enterprise Architecture Programs that emphasize demonstration of Business Strategies being realized at the Operational level are celebrated as achieving Architecture Excellence.

This program is in its 16th year and has served the winners as an excellent vehicle for highlighting achievements at a global level.

There are hundreds of Enterprises worldwide that have proudly showcased their ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards.

I appreciate the awards. The acknowledgement of good work in the global enterprise domain and architecture work being done is significant. High quality and very practical.

John Zachman

Image by Jason Leung

Award Categories

Currently, awards are organized into four major categories. 

Business Strategy

There are 6 awards under Business Category. These are Acquisition and Mergers, Growing Business in New Territory or New Service Offering, Customer Oriented Business Models, Business Process Management and Business Architecture.

Industry Verticals

There are 30 awards in this category. Awards are given for the Best Enterprise & Digital Architecture in Telecom, BFSI, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Electronics, Energy & Utility, Transport, Mining, Jewelery, Sports, Education,  and Retail

Technology Awards  

There are 16 awards that include SOA Vision for Enterprise Services, Best Software Architecture in IT Products, Cloud Technologies, Future IT (Emerging technologies), IT Infrastructure (datacenters, network, security), IT Service Management

Enterprise Awards  

There are 9 awards in this category. These are given in the area of Architecture excellence in Transformation and Planning, IT Landscape Rationalization, Business Intelligence and Analytics,  Architecture Governance, Architecture Methodology and Enterprise Architecture  

Architecture is the FOUNDATION behind Implementation


The Awards Program is open to all Enterprises large or small. Companies nominate their recently completed Projects or Programs in a Nomination Document


Deployed Digital Architecture enabled solutions across a function or enterprise-wide


Developed Digital Architecture Tools, Platforms etc.


Developed & deployed Digital Architecture solution for its customer



Breakthrough product or service in the marketplace


Digital Services OR Digital Architecture enabled solutions for citizens

Strategic Insights for CIOs

Global Chief Digital Strategists 

Yousef Alhawas.jpg

Yousif A. Alhawas

Saudi Telecom Company

Kash Mahmood


Luca Ceriani.jpg

Luca Ceriani

Alperia S.p.A, Italy

Marco Mazzucco.jpg


Marco Mazzucco

Davines, Italy

Commemorate Your Accomplishment.

Global Chief Architect Winner's Mug

Global Chief Atchitect 2021.png

Coffee Mug Personalized with the Winner's Name



Global Enterprise CIO Winner's Mug

Global Enterprise CIO 2021.PNG

Coffee Mug Personalized with the Winner's Name



Global Digital Strategist Winner's Mug

CDS 2021.PNG

Coffee Mug Personalized with the Winner's Name




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Avijit Dasgupta, CIO

Thank You so much for recognizing our work at CompuLynx and what we are delivering as innovative solutions to the BFSI and Retail Tech Industry in the Pan-Africa regions. This award and recognition is meant a lot for us and this will definitely boost up our engagement in future product development journey and project implementation activities.

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