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"Enterprise Architecture Enables IT to Successfully Manage Business Operations During Pandemic"

Covid-19 Pandemic has introduced its own unique challenges. The old norms of working have been turned upside down due to State and Central Governments introducing Health advices to restrict movement, meeting with others etc. To rise above these challenges Enterprises adopted many IT strategies.

Key among them relate to

1. Managing Cyber Security - Security Event Mgt,

2. BYOD Management and

3. IT Operations - IT Infrastructure Management

When Organizations approached these strategies without Enterprise Architecture, they tended to create many Architecture and Implementation Views in different media formats such as PowerPoint, Visio, Excel etc., created by different domain experts. The Developer knew his applications well, the Network lead knew their Network Infrastructure well and the Business Analyst knew his processes well and the Project owner combined the Architecture views in the way they were used to.

The dependencies and relationships between the Architecture Elements were never well understood.

With Enterprise Architecture:

· organizations used ICMG Enterprise Anatomy by creating the Enterprise Model in a connected way, implemented the IT Strategies and successfully managed the Covid-19 Pandemic.

· ICMG Enterprise Anatomy fundamentally altered the way of managing complexity when answers were needed for Project related issues or managing change while implementing the Business / Technology roadmap.

· It was easy and less time consuming.

Following Architecture Models are sample sets of the many Architecture Views created from ICMG Enterprise Anatomy:

Next up we will discuss how Enterprise Architecture enables the Sales function to be successfully managed during the pandemic. Some of the use cases we will highlight include:

· Order Management - Meeting targets for Orders

· Sales Support functions

· Marketing - Generating leads

· Customer expectation management

Please click on the link below to register for the upcoming ICMG webinar on the same topic:

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