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"FREE Future Ready Enterprise Architecture"by United Al Saqer Group (UAE) wins 2 awards in 2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Originally established in 2017, UASG Architecture is relatively new to one of the most reputed organization that had long heritage of technology limitations. UASG had to grow its information processing capabilities rapidly considering the size of its mission and responsibilities. [FREE] Future-Ready –Enterprise- Environment architecture initiative was initiated in 2017, with a mandate to map the complex information system landscape, based on an agile cloud that encompasses, co-exists and interoperates with existing IT investments, including previous enterprise integration infrastructure, various services plans and application silos.

FREE has been integrated with UASG’s on-going process excellence initiative, which has already modelled over 200 business processes. FREE fully and seamlessly integrates IT architecture, business process analysis (BPA), business process governance, business process management (BPM) and business activity monitoring (BAM) technologies. The vision combines process analysis, management and improvement techniques with a software platform that models, measures, manages, and optimizes the execution of key business processes.

Project Goals & Strategy

UASGs Project Objectives were aimed at cutting cost of Operation, increased customer satisfaction, access to bad debts etc.,

Process Architecture

Business process Models were created for Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Finance, Service, Warehouse, Dealership in support of the above strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture was developed to support the above Business Processes by creating system functions for Data Centre Optimisation, Mobility, Information Security, Service Delivery Management, ERP systems.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture was created enabling the System Architecture for components such as Virtualisation, Integration Gateway, Web Services , Business Intelligence.

Implementation Model

Implementation of the Technical Architecture was achieved through products including SDWAN, Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS, Azure, Sharepoint etc.,

Operational Models

· Technology Infrastructure Availability 99.99%

· Staffing Costs reduction by 25%

· Technology Defects reduced from 1000 to 50 per month

UASG " FREE Future Ready Enterprise Architecture" Program won 2 Awards - IT Infrastructure (Data Centre, Networks) and ERP Categories.

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