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Because So Much Is Riding On Your Projects, Architecture Rating is the Key to Success

Updated: May 9

To begin, I would want to express my gratitude to everyone for the tremendous amount of support that was shown to us in the year 2022. The large number of submissions we received is encouraging.

This global competition is currently in its 17th year, and the number of companies who wish to take part is more than it has ever been. This competition stands out from others due to a number of factors, the most important of which is the outstanding jury, various Award categories, and support from the ICMG administration in order to keep its sponsorship-free status.

In order to assist business owners, project directors, and senior management in better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their business strategy as well as enterprise, system, and solution architecture, ICMG Middle East has launched the regional edition of its Architecture Rating & Awards Program. The regional finals will take place in Abu Dhabi on September 12-14. The global final of the worldwide competition will take place in New York City in December 2023, and the winners of the regional rounds across the Middle East will participate there.

Several leading companies in middle east region (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey etc) have been part of this program including

1. UAE - Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA), Abu Dhabi Judicial System, Dubai Customs, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), Road and Transport Authority (UAE), National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Zulekha Hospital LLC, , TAV Bilisim Hizmetleri Anonim Sirketi (Abu Dhabi), Al Hilal Bank, National Bank of Fujairah

2 Saudi Arabia - Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA), Saudi Aramco, Saudi Telecom, Ministry of Municipalities and Rular Affairs KSA (MoMRA), Al Yaum for Media (Saudi Arabia), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Al Salem Johnson Controls, Zakat-Tax-and Customs Authority

The leading Enterprises from Qatar - Doha Bank, Public Works Authority - ASHGHAL (Qatar), RasGas (Qatar), Turkey - Turk Telekom, TOFAŞ TÜRK OTOMOBİL, Aydinli, Egypt - Motor Oil Hellas, Kuwait - VIVA Kuwait (Saudi Telecom Group) etc have used this platform for highlighting the successful solutions and global visibility for their projects and team.

As you are aware, ICMG Ratings & Award platform provides unparalleled opportunities to organizations to benchmark their projects and enterprises in comparison to a global standard set by Mr. John Zachman, who is credited with founding the enterprise architecture discipline.

Over the years, each organization has a unique justification for its continued participation in this awards competition.

1. One of the company's CEOs believes that entering this competition paves the way for a conversation to take place with a global community of practitioners and potential clients.

2. A number of chief information officers (CIOs) have the opinion that it boosts economic potential of IT investments by enhancing the level of transparency that exists within internal systems.

3. In certain instances, the decision of management to engage drove the team to solve difficulties rather than conceal technical and business challenges.

This clearly suggests that in addition to reviewing projects, this program offer assistance in enhancing the business strategy, architecture and deliverables related to your projects. You can put your faith in us since several of our jury members and Rating consultants have collaborated directly with Mr. John Zachman and his colleagues.

Just like every year, we poll the members of our jury as well as our associates to get their recommendations on projects or initiatives that have broken new ground and can be invited for participation in this program. So you should anticipate hearing from us. If you are the reader of this blog, I strongly suggest that you enter the competition that is taking place this year.

In order to compete for the ICMG Digital Architecture Architecture Excellence Awards, your team needs encouragement and guidance to submit digital strategy and enterprise architecture projects. By initially establishing your dominance within your own zone, this is unquestionably a step in the right direction toward gaining a footing on the world stage.

Would You Like to Be Included on a List of the Finest Digital Businesses? Please download the Nomination Form. The last date of submission is 19 July 2023.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE NOTE: This award program is not funded in any manner by a vendor or the media.

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