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Answered: Your Most Burning Question About Unique Value of ICMG Architecture Ratings Program

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Why There is a Nomination Fee?

ICMG Ratings & Award Program is unlike other award programs hosted by media companies and sponsored by vendor/s or partners resulting in free entry for nomination and presentation. Take the case of Facebook or any Social Media for example. Usage is Free only because you and your Data become their Product to be marketed to their actual Customer, the Advertisers. The same thing holds true for many Media sponsored Award events

You are our customer and NOT our product!

1. In our case, you are the Customer and therefore we have kept this Ratings & Award programs and Summit conferences free of vendor/media sponsorships and public attendance.

2. Also, we do not publish the Summit conference proceedings to the public neither do we share them amongst the delegates.

3. Summit participants who are all Finalists for the awards will be able to see and hear about other finalist’s work only by attending the Summit.

All this is to facilitate an environment whereby you can share the Architecture of your Project in an appropriate level of detail with complete confidentiality.

Some of the unique values of ICMG Architecture Ratings and Awards program

1. It is a Project & Enterprise validation opportunity to check if your Project and Enterprise efforts are in sync with the global benchmark set by the founder of Enterprise Architecture discipline, Mr.John Zachman.

2. Organizations also have a unique opportunity to learn from at least 12-18 other case studies that are rated as “Best in Class” regionally and globally. You can hear about Business & Technical Problems that they could face potentially in the future and hear about Solutions.

3. You also receive an “Architecture Improvements” report after the Summit. This means we not only assess the projects but also help you in improving your architecture and project deliverables in the process.

Of course, you can count on us as our senior consultants have worked very closely with Mr. John Zachman and his team.

Over the years many participants have told us that -

-Participation in this competition opens up a conversation with a global community of practitioners and prospective customers.

-It brings more transparency into the internal systems and enhances business opportunity.

-In some cases, the management decision to participate forced the team to address the issues than obfuscate the technical and business issues.

In the last 13 years, the Ratings & Award competition has reached out to more and more companies, industries, and geographies. Each submitted project in many cases is of multi-million dollars budget, affecting hundreds and thousands of people and needs a careful review and assessment. Thus, each project nomination requires significant hours of efforts for an end-to-end processing & operation support.

With the addition of onsite assessment and video interactions, we are also continuously improving our evaluation processes. The fees we charge will go towards the cost of managing such multi-country, multi-time zone environment that needs more resources and operational support.

Keeping in mind, the benefits that will accrue from being finalists and winners of the Awards, we believe this is just a nominal fee that would reflect a firm commitment from the participating organizations.  

So, if you or your colleagues have recently completed a project or initiative related to improving supply chain, efficient component manufacturing or new service assembly, etc. that has brought a visible difference to your Enterprise in terms of services offerings, brand loyalty or customer delight etc., we are happy to invite your nomination for this year’s Ratings & Award program. 

Thank you again to those who helped to spread the word and got your team and companies to participate. 

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