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"Digital Refinery" by Motor Oil wins 3 awards in 2021

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Develop and implement a digital architecture to facilitate proactive asset and operations management beyond localized optimization through applied analytics and artificial intelligence at scale. The Digital refinery should connect the entire operating asset vertically from shop floor to boardroom and horizontally across the value chain from supplier to customer, enabling 1-5% in revenue uplift and 2-6% in margin uplift. Digital Refinery solutions should provide predictive, real-time visibility into operational performance, potential risks, and recommended actions, resulting in 10-20% reduced maintenance costs and reduced off-spec products. In turn, the company as whole can optimize its responses and create opportunities for margin improvements, greater reliability and safer operations.

Project Goals & Strategy

Motor Oil's Project Objectives were to improve Operational Performance, Improving Profit Margin, Greater Reliability and Safer Operations.

Process Architecture

Business process Models were created by Motor Oil for Finance & Controlling, Trade & Supply, PLM, SCM, Predictive Maintenance, Environment, Health & Safety, Training, Engineering & Capital projects, Production, Asset Management, Workforce Management in support of the above strategies.

System Architecture

System Architecture was developed to support the above Business Processes for Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring, CNG Truck Loading, Energy Consumption Optimisation, Personal Gas Detection, Shift Hand-over, Refinery Visitor Training, Operation Logbook, Operator Training.

Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture was created enabling the System Architecture for components such as ERP, Interface for Pricing, User Interface, inline Memory for reports, Data Analysis in Cloud, Data Provisioning, Machine Learning, Data Sensors, Remote Maintenance & Support, Monitoring & Control.

Implementation Model

Implementation of the Technical Architecture was achieved through products including SAP 4 HANA, CTRM-SAP Interface, FIORI UI, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Provisioning, ARTemis.

Operational Models

Early Abnormal event notification allows planned and short-duration Machine Shutdowns reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Machine part maintenance rather than part replacement reduces maintenance costs. Severe events are prevented, effectively addressed identified risks. Real- time Machine Health monitoring and timely Abnormal Events predictions drive well-planned actions with the most appropriate and qualified personnel. Unobserved correlations and interactions reveal Abnormal Events mechanisms.

Motor Oil's "Digital Refinery" Program won 3 Awards in the categories Best Digital Architecture in Oil & Energy, Best Digital Architecture in Manufacturing Function, Best Digital Architecture in Engineering Function.

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